Esteroids App Release Versioning System

1 min readSep 28, 2022

Esteroids App is the engine powering esteroids.eth search engine. It’s released under MIT license.

In order to help people get involved in the development, we switch today Esteroids App to a public release system. You can see our releases on Github.

Each release of Esteroids App will have a version number. The version number is for the form Vx.y.z, where ‘x’, ‘y’ and ‘z’ are integer numbers. Here:

  • ‘z’ means new small features (like dark mode) or bug fixes
  • ‘y’ means a new major feature (like decentralized surfing)
  • ‘x’ means a milestone, like WNFTs.

Here it is in picture form!

To be consistent, we publish two past releases:

  1. V0.1.0 Esteroids Beta version. The first version of the search engine. The count begins from Beta since Esteroids Alpha was a “websites explorer” and not a search engine.
  2. V0.2.0 Decentralized surfing.

Each of those releases is a major feature so the middle number increases.

From now on we will take our release and versioning system very seriously! Expect to see many of these!