WNFT keyphrases Arriving to Esteroids Nightly

4 min readJun 27, 2022

We continue to build Esteroids to be the perfect community search engine for the .eth web. We want it to be everything the old search engines are not. Social. Innovative. Different.

What we release today is an important milestone in our journey. The title basically says it all, but there’s a lot to take in there. Let’s break it into parts.

Esteroids Nightly

We launch today nightly.esteroids.eth as an experimental version of esteroids.eth. The idea is to have a version of the search engine where we could “go crazy”, and try out features before we bring them out to the main crowd.

Most of the search engines nowadays are either Google, or Google-clones with some extra feature. Like Google + privacy, decentralized Google (we!) or Google but belongs to the community (well, also we).

But we want to be different, and Esteroids Nightly is where we do experiments towards this goal.


WNFT is an NFT smart contract that owns a .eth website.

This gives the NFT a strong connection to the .eth website. In some cases, the NFT holders may own the .eth website and govern it as a DAO. In other cases, holding the NFT gives some functionality to the website.

There can be many nuances and varieties of these ideas, but the essence always remains the same: WNFT is an NFT smart contract that owns a .eth website.

WNFT keyphrases in Esteroids

To speak about how we are going to use WNFTs in Esteroids, we need to first talk about keywords, keyphrases, and what is their function in esteroids.eth.

A sentence is composed of many words, but some of those words are more “important” than others. For example, look at this sentence:

The Jaguar is black

It got four words, but really only two of them are important: “Jaguar” and “black”. The other words (“the”, “is”) have grammatical importance but are less important for the content of the sentence.

The words “Jaguar” and “Black” are called keywords of the sentence “The Jaguar is black”. A collection of several keywords (“Jaguar”, “black”) is called a keyphrase.

We won’t get here into details of how we identify the keyphrase of each sentence. But the important thing is that each search query in esteroids.eth can be identified by a keyphrase.

WNFT keyphrase
each search result page in esteroids.eth has a container, like this one here:

How is it connected with WNFTs? Each token in esteroids.eth WNFT contract has a keyphrase attached to it. Holding a token corresponding to a specific keyphrase, unlocks ownership of the container in the corresponding search result page in esteroids.eth.

Our idea is that people will use those containers for the good. For example, you could use this container to give information about the topic related to the keyphrase:

Or, if you want, you can use it as a place for sharing news:

Though yes, we are aware that many people will use it for fun or for advertising. That’s ok! it’s their place after all!

Current state

The technology for supporting WNFT keywords in Esteroids is already built. We just added it to Esteroids Nightly.

The current technology is deployed only in Goerli testnet. You are welcome to try it out, but remember that it’s just testing, and you will need some Goerli testnet tokens for it!

To try it yourself go to keyphrase.esteroids.eth. There you can buy a keyword and set content.

Right now the only content supported is images. Once you did that, you can go to nightly.esteroids.eth and search for your keywords — then you will see your content in the container in the search pages results!

We already got a few keywords for ourselves (in testnet, again!). To see our content search in nightly.esteroids.eth for ‘Filecoin’ or for ‘News’.