The Hot🌶️ websites of the .eth web

3 min readOct 3, 2022


TL:DR. We just launched a new Hot🌶️ websites category in the search engine, check it out here!

We always get asked, which.eth websites are worth checking out? People know there’s a cool alternative to the web growing up under their noses, but they don’t know what‘s worth looking at.

Indeed, Esteroids search engine did not fulfill this need so far. We got options for browsing or searching the .eth web, but not for seeing its main highlights.

(To be precise, we did have a “popular websites” section, but it was not doing the job properly. Nevertheless, it was the most popular page in esteroids.eth for a long time now.)

Today we launch a new “Hot🌶️” section (yes, with the 🌶️!) in esteroids.eth. Check it out here! It highlights the best the .eth web has to offer.

We handpicked the best .eth websites based on what we observe people like. The only criteria are premium quality websites. The cards were designed for you to know what the website is about in one quick glimpse:

The Hot🌶️ websites are shown in the order in which they were created. We want to highlight not only the best but also the newest.

We start now with a modest catalog of quality Hot🌶️ websites, but we’ll add more with time.

We are going to add not only new great websites but also go through our index of .eth websites, adding old amazing .eth websites, after we verify that they are still active.

Category navigation bar

A second request we heard a lot is browsing by categories.

At this stage, people want to see what exists in the main Web3 categories than actually search the .eth web.

For this, we also release today a new category navigation bar. Right now it has some major fields of interest, like blogs, NFTs, ENS-related websites, Nimi (which is its own major category within the .eth web), and others.

We will keep monitoring the community needs to update the categories with time.

For websites owners

We are going now to try and communicate with the owners of the Hot🌶️ websites, and let them know they “made it”. We want to collaborate with those websites in order to grow the .eth web together.

If you got a Hot🌶️ .eth website and we didn’t manage to contact you for some reason, please write us! Either on Twitter or on Discord.

More importantly, if you think your website should be Hot🌶️, write us! We are humans; we miss some of the best websites.

Last, do you got good writing skills? Wanna be part of the team doing the Hot🌶️ websites? contact us!

Our final goal is for esteroids.eth to be a community effort. Now is a good time to get involved.




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