Lessons learned from three months of running a decentralized website

People need a dWebsites explorer

  • Our Twitter has 300 followers without any promotion.
  • There are daily visitors coming to see the dWeb in esteroids.eth.link, even though it still has many hiccups and a rough design (remember, it’s alpha!).
  • Our submision to Hacker News got 33 upvotes and 41 comments.
    Little known fact: the original link was this., It was later replaced by the mods to Introduction to dWebsites post from Almonit blog. Ironically, I (Neiman) wrote both the Esteroids tweet and the Almonit article.

People actually want a search engine for the decentralized web

Esteroids Beta version is going to be a search engine for the decentralized web

Decentralized websites availability is a problem

It’s (still) hard to get ENS+IPNS right

Filecoin (still) doesn’t seem like a solution

Brave is great (but..)

dWebsites are the most exciting thing happening now on the internet

Ok, I’m convinced that dWebsites are great, how can I get involved

  • Digital and NFT artists, interested to participate in an experiment and promote their art (for free!)
  • dWebsites owners or builders, wanting to get more exposure for their websites.




The front page of the decentralized web

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The front page of the decentralized web

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