.eth Website Competition, April 2022 (Alpha Edition)

2 min readApr 4, 2022


  • The .eth website's competition is back - but in a different format.
  • The competition is monthly.
  • The first one, for .eth websites created during March 2022, starts today. Vote here!
  • This is an alpha edition! Complaining — no, constructive feedback — yes.

Full details

For most of the second half of 2021, we run a .eth websites competition. It was fun, funny, and provided a place for the .eth websites movement to grow.

This competition is in hiatus since January this year, as we took some time off to plan forward. Now we’re ready. The .eth website competition is BACK, better, bigger and more interesting.

The first “alpha-edition” of the new version of the competition begins today, April 4th. Everyone with a .eth name is invited to vote.

👉 Vote here.

The full rules are in Github, but we sum up here what you should expect.

What is the .eth website competition?

The .eth websites competition (aka “The competition”) is a monthly competition among newly created .eth websites.

Our mission is to grow the .eth website community and bring awareness to this ENS use-case.

Who can participate?

Every website created during the previous month of the competition is eligible.

For the first stage, we choose the most impressive websites to be included in the voting.

Who can vote?

For the first stage, anyone with an ENS name. One address, one vote.

For the second stage, anyone on Twitter can vote.

Competition process

The competition has two stages:

Stage 1 (4th April 2022, for 5 days): We create a list of the most impressive .eth websites that were created during March 2022. We focused on websites of projects or innovative websites.

The owners of ENS names then vote on which websites out of this list are the best. The voting takes place in esteroids.eth.limo.

Voting is possible either on esteroids.eth.limo website or in Snapshot.

Stage 2 (11th April 2022, for 2 days): The top 4 websites from the previous round compete in a 48 hours Twitter poll for the winning.

What does the winner get?

A lot!

  1. 100 ENS tokens from the ENS Ecosphere Working Group.
  2. Promotion in esteroids.eth.limo till the end of the month.
  3. Promotion in Esteroids social media (Twitter, Discord).
  4. Prestige (which you cannot measure, but it’s priceless! trust us).

Join the discussion

Do you have a .eth website competing and you want to promote it? come to our Discord.

Do you want to join the discussion about the competitions? come to our Discord.

Do you love ENS? Think .eth websites are the future? come to our discord definitely! We got lots of channels to discuss exactly those things!

Otherwise, follow us on Twitter for updates about the competition and the .eth ecosphere.